Monday, 7 September 2009

Terracotta Army News and Armoured Beats Tour Info

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Hi Everyone

We hope everyone is good and well when you read this. Firstly a big hello to all our new Facebook members, were pushing well over 700 now so thanks for joining "The Army"

OK its here... We are embarking on some Live shows in October as part of our "Armoured Beats tour". This is to coincide with the release of "Stealing Souls" due out around the same time. We are currently half way through finishing the tracks we plan to take on the road, but its really coming together and sounding great. We can't give too much away at the moment about the live show, all we can say is it will be loud and rocking, with a few surprises! Rehearsals will be starting soon, so we will endeavor to post some behind the scenes footage (and interviews with the band members) on our brand new website On there you can also check for all the latest news and exclusive monthly podcast's (unreleased mixes or live DJ sets) which will start before our debut release..And while were on the subject of "Stealing Souls", the remixes of the track have been doing the damage as well. With four plays on Radio One and all the major jocks supporting the respective mixes, its going from strength to strength. So there you have it, please feel free to browse at your leisure and drop us an email from time to time..

Terracotta Army


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